Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed reading the latest issue of Eucalyptus. How nice to see people I know (my chiropractor, Doug MacNeil's cool journals, and Jenny Yamate's fitness classes) featured in the magazine. I love the focus on the local scene. Thanks for the great info on keeping skin healthy. I look forward to reading—and writing for—future issues of Eucalyptus.

Dear Editor:
I am a fan of Aqui Restaurant in Campbell, and enjoy taking out when I am rushed for time. I noticed that Aqui advertises in your magazine. There is only one problem I have with their restaurant, and it is that their take out containers are styrofoam. I found it interesting that in the same issue of Eucalyptus Magazine, you had an article, "The New Plastic Surgery: Cutting Out Polystyrene." So, for my very first act of advocacy for Mother Earth this year, I am taking clippings from your magazine over to Aqui. First, I'll show them their ad, and then, I'll follow up with a clipping of the ..."Cutting Out Polystyrene" article. I will also give them a sample of a "green" container, and the contact number for "Una Mas," a restaurant in Campbell that provides these "green" take out containers to their customers.
Dana A.

We have been handing out your publication in our Relocation Bags that go out to our corporate clients. We are running very low and wonder if we can receive some publications that we can distribute to our corporate clients that are relocating in Northern California (mostly in the SF Bay Area). These are primarily middle and upper management transferees and their families. We give out about 60-80 bags per month to new hires at Intuit, Google, Johnson & Johnson, AMD, Intel, etc. We would love to include your Eucalyptus Magazine in our bag. Please let me know if you are able to do this.
Marc A.

I am a fan of Eucalyptus Magazine because the articles are well written, often timely and the advertisers are considerate of the consumers to whom they are marketing.
Nancy D.

I wanted to let you know I picked up a copy of Eucalyptus a month or two ago and really enjoyed reading it. It was not only visually beautiful (I had the issue about Indian dance), but I was so happy to see the focus on eco-friendly, conscious, and healthy choices. I’m glad you’re creating this magazine.
Connie H.

Your magazine is fun to read.
Karen L.

My friend shared her copy of your recent magazine with me and I thought your article on Barefoot Coffee Roasters was really great. Hope all is going well and I look forward to seeing the next issue!
Bridgett M.

I enjoy Eucalyptus because it not only covers environmental stories, but it also focuses on local issues and local people making a difference.
Marlene Z.

Hi Michaela,
I took one of the magazines you left at Middlebrook and read it this morning. Loved it. On nearly every page, there is a web site I want to explore further. Congratulations to you and your staff for an exceptional addition to the eco-friendly literature.
Lana B.

I like Eucalyptus Magazine because it's a high quality, glossy publication with interesting articles and localized content. Something different than the typical magazine you pick up for free. I'm planning on giving gift subcriptions to my current and past real estate clients because the magazine reflects my values and is a perfect way to regularly stay in touch with something useful, different and impressive.
Joe W.