About Us

Eucalyptus is the San Francisco Bay Area’s resource for green and health-conscious lifestyles.

Through our print publication, website and networking events, we share knowledge and inspire our readers to celebrate their health, support local businesses and surrounding communities, and protect the environment we live in.

This magazine is named Eucalyptus because we admire the tree’s healing properties. Its leaves and bark have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. We also appreciate its adaptability and hardiness, as evidenced by its ability to thrive despite being transplanted far across the globe from its native home of Australia.


My mission is to educate, share knowledge and inspire people to take charge of their health, wellness and be conscious of the environment we all live in. I'm passionate about local organic food, natural health, eco-friendly products and solutions that help preserve nature for future generations.

I have created Eucalyptus Magazine as a vehicle to help me spread the word about alternative lifestyle that can be healthy, exciting, fulfilling and good for everyone. Whether it is green energy, composting, organic food, herbs, vegetarian diet, solar power, green juices, reverse osmosis water filter, biofuel, I want to know about it and share it!

It is my dream that Eucalyptus Magazine becomes your first resource and companion to green living in the Bay Area. My staff and I will do our best to help you live in harmony with nature, and connect you with local products and services that will help you accomplish your goals. Please join us at one of our upcoming events!

I always welcome your feedback and suggestions on topics you would like to read about; after all Eucalyptus is your green lifestyle magazine.


Michaela Marek
Publisher and Founder


Editor Ann Marie Brown has been working in the publishing field for more than two decades. She has authored more than a dozen travel guidebooks, as well as hundreds of articles that have appeared in Sunset, VIA, Backpacker, Outside, and other magazines.





In keeping with our concern for the environment, Eucalyptus is printed on FSC certified recycled paper with Soy Seal approved inks.

Because we are dedicated to higher standards of environmental performance, Eucalyptus Magazine is a Certified Green Business.

Eucalyptus is the winner of the 2010 Apex Awards for Publication Excellence for green publications and the 2010 Gold MarCom Award for green publications.


We Are Green

As a Certified Green Business we are dedicated to higher standards of environmental performance.


"I really do LOVE the magazine ~ It is in sync with my interests in a natural lifestyle. One of the recent findings from Eucalyptus Mag is the San Jose Bikram studio, I had no idea it existed. The magazine has become a publication I look forward to and will continue to find people and businesses that match my interests. Thank you for creating this publication!"

Chris M.


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