Eucalyptus Green Careers Expo 2011

Nearly 300 people connecting with environmentally-friendly jobs

It was all about connecting people with environmentally-friendly jobs.

Nearly 300 people attended the Green Careers Expo at the Cypress Hotel in Cupertino on April 15.

The event gave attendees an opportunity to learn about careers in sustainable management, renewable energy, natural medicine and other environmentally-friendly fields.

“I’m looking into green careers because Silicon Valley is one of the centers of innovation and whatever the next, new, great thing is, it would start from here,” said one attendee.

Added another: “The reason I came to this event is because I wanted to look at options in the green field and see what’s out there.”

Attendees were able to meet with a number of businesses, organizations, career centers and schools about green jobs. They also were able to listen to interesting speakers, win prizes and sign up for newsletters and other information.