From Pink Slip to Green Career

Eucalyptus hosted a presentation for all of our readers who want their greenbacks to come from a green job at Eulipia restaurant in downtown San Jose last week. In addition to promising a personally rewarding career path, the green sector is one of the few job markets that is actually expanding, as Green Tech Academy founder Heidi Livingston Eisips explained at the networking event. "Green jobs are up consistently over the last four years, growing 24% since 2005," she said. Eispis encouraged audience members to see the pink slip as a chance to transform their careers into something even better. "There's a great deal of momentum and passion that people feel in pursuing [green jobs]," she said. Eispis should know, as she made the transition to a greener career a...

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Eating Your Way Around the Garden

I don’t think any of us can miss the latest headlines about growing our own food. Growing our food is good for the planet; it’s good for a lot of reasons. But you may already have a landscaped yard, and little room to create traditional raised beds. Fortunately, many edible plants grow very successfully tucked in here and there around other plants in the garden.As you begin selecting edible plants to tuck in amongst your other plants, there are a handful of things to keep in mind: plants’ sun requirements, water requirements, pest control, and using high quality plant starts.The first step in your planting journey is to inventory the sun exposures in your yard. As you start narrowing down which edibles to grow, select those that match your yard’s sun exposures....

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The New Water-Efficient Landscape Ordinance & Your Garden

Eucalyptus Magazine welcomes guest blogger Astrid Gaiser

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Earth Day and Earthquakes

In addition to April Fool’s Day, Opening Day, and Tax Day, there are two other reasons to be mindful this month: Earth Day and earthquakes. April 22, 2010, was the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. This month, consider what you can do for the environment:Is there anything you take pride in having done for a more eco friendly environment? What would you do to be more conscious of the earth this year, or in years to come?For me, I will continue to be conscious of reusing and recycling what I can at home and at work. I am encouraged on weekly collection days locally to see so many curbside recycling containers are larger than those holding refuse.At home, after a few years of talking about it, my husband and I have uprooted our lawn and replanted with sustainable natives. It will be fun...

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Gluten Awareness and Alternatives

Could the secret to eating your cake and being healthy too be making that cake gluten-free?According to Eucalyptus guest speakers Dr. Vicki Peterson and chef Amanda Macdessi, quite possibly. Peterson shared her research on gluten sensitivity and Macdessi provided tips for gluten-free baking at Eucalyptus’ networking event on Feb. 9.It is well known that those with celiac disease should avoid grains with gluten in them, including wheat, rye and barley. However, when Dr. Vicki Peterson began studying the effects of gluten on patients without celiac disease, she found that many more people stand to benefit from cutting gluten out of their diets.She saw the damage gluten does to many people’s small intestines, and concluded that a large portion of the population – in her...

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Note to Self: Take Nothing Personally

Sometimes other people offer us positive sentiments and we may feel complimented, validated, or even proud. It can be flattering to been seen by another in a favorable light. This might entice us to hold our head higher or walk with a lighter step. A stranger approached me after a recent choir performance to tell me how much he enjoyed the choir and especially my singing. How sweet that was! I wore a smile and continued to feel pleased for some time after receiving his praise.Sometimes other people’s opinions are important to consider. We can look at the events, beliefs or perceptions of our lives from a new perspective through hearing someone’s views that differ from our own. Initially, it may not be something we are comfortable with, yet over time we can learn to be more...

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Delicious Chocolates

If you read the feature article on South Bay chocolatiers in our February issue and were tempted to trek to the sumptuous shop near you but haven’t gotten there yet, this might be your week: It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re shopping for your spouse, sweetheart or self, check out the holiday offerings from Go To Chocolate, for example, at www.gotochocolate.com.You could splurge for the $28 “deluxe red velvet box,” which contains 14 chocolates, including the one we can’t get off our minds, called Ecuador origin cocoa bean chocolate with pomegranate ganache. Or go more modest, but still luscious, with a “precious red velvet box” that cradles four chocolates for $8.See our fuller list of local chocolatiers in the February...

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Love. Love? Love!

The Beatles’ song “All You Need Is Love” has been running through my head recently. Since that began, I’ve noticed the song everywhere. It’s funny how that happens – like when you have a new car, you suddenly see that same model all the time. And no wonder this tune is popular again. After all, February is the month of love because it includes Valentine’s Day, right? Yes, but we need not limit love to romantic relationships, or only to February.There are words in the Greek language for love that suggest we can love romantically one way, and we can love friends and family another way. What I know is we can also love ourselves. This is not to say, “Be self-centered.” What it does say is “Honor the self.” All my life...

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Resolve to Stay Present in 2010 – It’s In the Palm of Your Hand

Do you find yourself forgetting things you thought you could easily remember? Do you search for your sunglasses or rush around? You’re not alone! These are the sorts of things that happen when we’re not living in the present moment.Staying present is akin to being mindful. Being mindful means if you’re doing laundry, focus on doing the laundry. If you’re making dinner, focus on making the dinner. Ram Dass says, “Be here now.” Louise Hay suggests that “Our power is in the present.” Anne Lamott writes, “And now is all we have.”What I know is when I spend too much energy ruminating about the past or fretting over the future, I miss what’s going on in the present. We can learn to notice when we’re absent to...

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Wedding Wishes

Wish Upon a Wedding is a brand new nonprofit organization, dedicated to granting weddings and civil union ceremonies at destinations across the United States to couples facing life-threatening illnesses. The organization will begin accepting applications for Wedding Wishes in mid January, 2010.Founded by wedding planner, Liz Guthrie of San Jose Wedding Consultants, with the hope that no couple should ever be denied the chance to marry the one they love, Wish Upon a Wedding is the only organization of its kind in existence today.By calling on a regional database of wedding vendors known as “Wish Granters”, the organization will be able to grant five types of weddings (from simple to more elaborate), some in as quickly as 48 hours. How quickly the services are granted, and...

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