August 2010


Canning at Home - Strawberry Jam

When I was a young adult, I thought that I would NEVER do any canning or food preserving or any kind. Why bother when I can buy anything I need? Well, over time I learned the value of home-made food and got to appreciate the quality that comes with it. Enjoy this video where I make strawberry jam with my mother in law and read our article on canning in Eucalyptus Issue 13. By the way, by "glasses" I mean "jars" :)  

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Work2Future and the Green Cadre Program Update - AMAZING RESULTS - for Young Adults

Strategically positioned within the City of San Jose Office of Economic Development, work2future addresses the workforce and economic development needs of our local area. Their Green Cadre provides opportunities for at-risk young adults to obtain work and life skills that help them advance their lives and careers. This amazing program has been endorsed and supported by a number of organizations, including the Department of Transportation, Our City Forest, Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill Silicon Valley and many others. If your company is interested in participating, please contact David Lovato ,  

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Grow your business with NLP and other communication techniques

I was very fortunate to meet with Mike Aguilera of Aguilera & Associates. He has conducted over 1000 empowering presentations internationally at corporations, conventions, associations, and college campuses. He is a speaker, author of `The Art of Networking', and an executive coach. His YouTube video on job interview tips, techniques, and skills has been viewed nearly 100,000! We talked about NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and how it can help business owners overcome obstacles. Enjoy this interview.

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Managing Chronic Pain with Dr. Abaci

Today I am speaking with Dr. Peter Abaci, medical director of Bay Area Pain and Wellness Center and author of the latest book Take Charge of Your Chronic Pain. If you suffer from chronic pain, or are interested in knowing how to get off pain medications, this interview is for you. For more information, please contact Bay Area Pain and Wellness Center.  

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My favorite way to cook - in a pressure cooker

I really enjoy cooking in a pressure cooker because it allows me to cook every day healthy meals from scratch. Check it out for yourself.

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